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Re: slapd future questions

On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 16:45, Wout van Albada wrote:

> 7. Will running slapd without threads be supported in the
>    future or is it a "your mileage may vary" thing?
IMHO, depends on how you are using LDAP, I've done some testing on
queries/second and have seen there is a lot of difference between
running LDAP local on the machine or do the queries over the network.
for example I can do about 1100 q/sec on a dual P/Xeon 2800 Mhz running
LDAP Local but about 450 doing it over the net (100 Mbps). 
While I was doing the tests I saw that the threads number (server side)
is also a big factor in the number of q/s (among a lot of other

So to be short: your mileage may vary...
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