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Re: proxycache database and slapcat

Am Dienstag, 6. April 2004 12:24 schrieb Pierangelo Masarati:
> >> -----Original Message-----

> > Thanks for the stack trace. No, slapcat cannot read a proxycache
> > database, there is no support for slapadd/slapcat/slapindex with
> > slapd overlays.
> >
> > Maybe there should be, but there wasn't any need for it before.
> I just noted that tools do not initialize overlays when they're
> statically builtin; I guess this could be part of the problem ...
> just fixed in HEAD.

I just updated cvs 
dieter@orange:~/openldap/sbin> ./slapcat -v -b o=HDK,c=DE 
slapcat: database doesn't support necessary operations.


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