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Re: Linear time searches with ldbm backend

Nicolas M. Thiery wrote:

	Dear all,

I don't manage to convince slapd not to do linear searches for such a
trivial query like '(cn = cn=bla)'. This is such a basic goal that I
must be doing something wrong somewhere. Still, I have been checking
the documentation, analyzing the detailed log, and even running slapd
under gdb to understand what he was doing. The indexed search *does*
works fine, but is combined improperly with a linear subtree search
(wrong search order?). Any help to trick sldapd to do it right would
be very welcome.

Here are the details: I am running a small slapd server from
openldap-2.1.29, compiled with -ggdb and without optimization, and
configured as follow (see attached slapd.conf and ldif and slapd log
for full details):
database ldbm
suffix "O=TestPKI"
rootdn "CN=root,O=TestPKI"
rootpw "root"
index cn eq,pres,sub

It might have nothing to do, but did you purposely remove objectClass equality indexing from your mail? It's mandatory for correct directory operations.


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