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Re: proxycache configuration

søn, 04.04.2004 kl. 21.22 skrev Dieter Kluenter:

> > Just one thing: The fact that you're using ldapi would suggest that
> > you're running it on the same machine/host as the master DB. Could you
> > confirm that? I can't see much point in running slapd ldapi, since the
> > whole point is  to have a server that caches often looked-up attributes
> > for LAN clients? Or am I missing something?
> Well I can confirm that I'm running several sldapd's on one single
> host, just because that is a testing environment, The reason for using
> ldapi as in my posted example  is just due to my laziness, I'm to lazy to
> run 3 or more instances on different ports. An other reason is that I'm
> testing a local deamon which searches a subordinate partition only,
> think of any smtpd with rather high search frequency.

Thanks Dieter! Just one more question: I assume no two of your daemons
on the same host are using the same socket? (I'm an ldapi person too).



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