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Re: Chinese problem in the ldif files.


Wang Penghui <wangpenghui@realss.com> writes:

> Dieter Kluenter wrote:
>>Wang Penghui <wangpenghui@realss.com> writes:
>>>I want to know how the encoding and decoding works when the data input
>>>/output the LDAP servers.
>>>And wheather or not it have some problems in dealing with chinese words?
>>>My server is OpenLDAP 2.1.26 on gentoo linux.
>>You have to encode your chinese to UTF-8 not base64.
>>/usr/bin/iconv -l will give you all known languages and
>>iconv -f BIG-5 -t utf-8 -o utf-8-output.ldif big-5-input.ldif
>>will convert your ldif file.
> But my ldif files were already encoded with utf-8

Then it is up to your client to decode the base64 encoded UTF-8
string. With the output of ldapsearch in an xterm you may use the tool
mmencode which reads from standard input.


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