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Re: Storing files in LDAP

Price, Jason (TLR Corp) writes:
> I'm relatively new to LDAP, and am looking for a way to store complete
> files as an attribute in LDAP.  The files need to be able to be
> retrieved as complete files, identical to how they were before being
> inserted into LDAP.

Store the contents of the file in an attribute with Octet String syntax.
The LDAP entry must also have an object class which allows that
attribute.  Use normal LDAP operations to store and retrieve the data.

You need to
- Either find an appropriate attribute (and object class) which someone
  else has defined.  The ldap@umich.edu mailinglist might tell you of

- Or obtain an object identifier (OID) for your organization, if you
  haven't already, and use that to define your own attribute and object