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Re: [Fwd: Re: LDBM or BDB ?]

> I will probably do the same this summer when school is out.
> I'm glad someone asked this question, LDBM or BDB. The
> problem I had with earlier versions of BDB was that I had a
> hard time getting it to compile. There was alot of activity
> on the listserver regarding problems with BDB. For that
> reason I never pursued using it for OpenLDAP. I guess 1
> semester is a long time in terms of software development.

We only recently switched to BDB for our core services (since we need it
to 'just work' and we have a very small IT staff) and have found it to
be very stable and *MUCH* faster.  And backing up is easier since you
can do it while the server is online.  All the oddities with BDB seem to
have been resolved.