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Re: [Fwd: Re: LDBM or BDB ?]

I will probably do the same this summer when school is out.
I'm glad someone asked this question, LDBM or BDB. The
problem I had with earlier versions of BDB was that I had a
hard time getting it to compile. There was alot of activity
on the listserver regarding problems with BDB. For that
reason I never pursued using it for OpenLDAP. I guess 1
semester is a long time in terms of software development.


On Sat, 03 Apr 2004 10:08:03 +0200
 Ignacio Coupeau <icoupeau@unav.es> wrote:
> Kent L. Nasveschuk wrote:
> >I've asked this question in the past. This is one
> response I received.
> >
> >Subject:
> >Re: LDBM or BDB ?
> >From:
> >Ignacio Coupeau <icoupeau@unav.es>
> >Date:
> >Fri, 02 Jan 2004 13:07:19 +0100
> >To:
> >"Kent L. Nasveschuk" <kent@wareham.k12.ma.us>
> A term is a lot of time ;-)
> We have plans to switch to BDB this summer (we can't
> change now because the size and complexity of the site).
> From months ago, some things has been changed (alt least
> from linux and RH platform point of view): a lot of
> stability in the Berkeley database and several bugs
> solved in the server/replication side.
> A shortcut: read the Quanah's mails about BDB tunning.
> Ignacio
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