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RE: cachesize slapd.conf parameter ignored?

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> Backend is sleepycat latest stable releasse, running linux 2.4.25
> (debian stable). The threads are not really a problem (I've tried with
> 16 and with 64, 32 seemed to work good), its the cachesize parameter
> that it is ignoring.

"Sleepycat" is not the name of an OpenLDAP slapd backend. Please provide more
accurate information when describing your system. "Sleepycat" is particularly
ambiguous since there are at least 3 separate backends (back-bdb, back-hdb,
back-ldbm) that can use Sleepycat's BerkeleyDB library.

Also note that the "cachesize" parameter needs to be part of an actual
database clause. Since your log shows it closely following the threads
parameter (which is global) I suspect your cachesize config is in the wrong
place. This is only a guess since you didn't post anything of your slapd.conf
or any other helpful information.

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