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Re: search / add operations suddenly became hopelessly slow

--On Friday, April 02, 2004 8:50 AM +0200 Alexei Monastyrnyi <alexeim@orcsoftware.com> wrote:

Hi List.

I posted the message below several days ago.
I found workaround for the problem described, maybe not very smart one.
Post it just in case if someone is interested.
Dumping the whole DB with slapcat and loading it back with slapadd solved
the problem.
But I still have no understanding of what happened with DB... Any hints
would be highly appreciated.

I suggest upgrading you version of OpenLDAP (2.1.29) and your BDB version (4.2.52 plus 2 sleepycat patches). There are known issues in BDB 4.1.25.


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