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ldapsearch without

Can you get group information from a user without the –D and –w options on ldapsearch ?  I want to query the user without

Having to know the –D and –w fields.



This one worked:


/usr/bin/ldapsearch  -LLL -x -h -p 389 -D "rontest@rp-eng.com" -w rontest -b "dc=rp-eng,dc=com" "(SamAccountName=rontest)"  dn

dn: CN=rontest test,CN=Users,DC=rp-eng,DC=com


# refldap://rp-eng.com/CN=Configuration,DC=rp-eng,DC=com



This does not get the info.


/usr/bin/ldapsearch  -v -LLL -x -h -p 389   -b "dc=rp-eng,dc=com" "(SamAccountName=rontest)"   dn

ldap_init(, 389 )

filter: (SamAccountName=rontest)

requesting: dn

# refldap://rp-eng.com/CN=Configuration,DC=rp-eng,DC=com