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DN parameter for email address

  Hi all,
  I'm using openldap-2.1.25 and I have 
  this problem:

  one of the type of data in my DB is
  defined as:
  attributetype ( 16572.2.2.1
          NAME 'providerCertificateSubject'
          DESC 'Subject DN del certificato X.509 del gestore'
          EQUALITY distinguishedNameMatch
          SYNTAX )
  in the DB's schema.

  when I add an entry with an attribute that wants 
  to specify an e-mail address, and it is specified

  'Email=' or 'EMAILADDRESS=' 
  syntax, all goes well.
  But when I try to insert an entry that have the
  same parameter specified by:

  'E=' (or others ...)

  the insert fails, and the error:

  ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21)
        additional info: providerCertificateSubject: 
        value #0 invalid per syntax

  is returned.

  My questions are:

  why is OpenLDAP checking the nature of single 
  parameters that compose a DN?

  Is there a list of 'legal' attributes that can form 
  a Distinguished Name? It seems to me that the RFC 2252
  doesn't mention it.

  Can I extend that 'list' of legal parameters?

  I hope my questions will be understood,

Massimiliano Farris
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SarasLab S.r.l.
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Fax  +39 070 2466.3111
e-mail: massimiliano.farris@fst.it