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RE: Antwort: RE: indexing all attributes [Virus checked]

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>Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 1:10 AM
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Please do not email me privately unless you are contracting for my consulting
services. Otherwise keep discussion on the public mailing list.

>>Replication is broken in 2.1.26.

>cool. :-(

>Introducing such a rather crytical bug in supposedly stable release is IMO
really ugly.
>In fact, I never noticed 2.1.26 being advertised as such (but I do not check
>openldap news all that often.). Are all 2.1.x releases considered "stable
bugfixes", or
>just some of them?

2.1.26 was never advertised as "stable." The last stable release was 2.1.25;
the current stable release is 2.1.29.

>What is a best (fast & simple) place to look for bugs in what's supposedly
>release? I mean as in "one page shows the important stuff", not as in
"search trough the
>database" approach.

Subscribe to the openldap-announce mailing list. Read the list of changes in
each announcement. The complete list of changes is at the top of each release
as well. We don't provide static lists of outstanding bugs in individual
releases, that's what the ITS database is for. Static lists go out of date
too quickly to be of any value.

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