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Re: after power failure ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server (81)

<hesmat@future-group.com> writes:

> i have renamed the  database folder and started slapd so i was able to connect to ldap server but seems all the database are vanished 
> am now trying to get back  my old database from ldif file 
> with this command  ldapmodify

The command is slapcat, sieh man slapcat(8)

> i also want to ask what is the way to to recover the database without making/ creating a new database 
> i have tried db-recover tool and it produce this output which i don't understand 
> db_recover -cev
> db_recover: Finding last valid log LSN: file: 1 offset 28

That is just the verbose output no error, but you didn't mail the most
important line, that is did db_recover exit with 0, or spit it any
additional messages. A success would be an exit 0.


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