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Re: attribute type is operational?

> > significant in this case)
So - system is Debian sid i386, openldap is 2.1.26 (package version
2.1.26-1). This package is compiled with --enable-aci since 2.1.12-1
as mentioned in

> Depending on your OpenLDAP version, this attribute exists already. See
> schema_init.c

I looked there, and found that there are some built-in schemas I didn't
expect. Well, OK, there are built-in schemas I can't change without
recompiling, not listed in schemas tab in my ldap browser (gq). 
Whatever:-). So I add this objectclass definition into my local.schema

objectclass (
        NAME 'OpenLDAPacl'
        DESC 'OpenLDAP access control information'
        SUP top STRUCTURAL
        MUST    ( objectclass )
        MAY     ( OpenLDAPaci ) )

And happy try to start slapd :) This is what I got.

Starting OpenLDAP: slapd - failed:
/etc/ldap/schema/local.schema: line 5: AttributeType not
found: "OpenLDAPaci"

So? Does it mean that I misunderstood debian-devel and this option
wasn't set with next release? I guess disabling this option should
be also mentioned in next accepted openldap2 announces, but didn't
find such.

Regards, and thanks :)