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Re: after power failure ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server (81)

Sounds as though the BDB database didn't appreciate the sudden power loss! ( I know from bitter experience that it is pretty intolerant ounder these circumstances ;-))

Berkely comes with a database recovery tool to get this back (check out their website for details), maybe someone else here can help?

If you're in dire straits (sounds like you might be!) the quick & dirty method is to rename the database directory (if you're in doubt the path to this is stored in your slapd.conf file under the Database directory directive), and restart slapd. At this point the process will work but you're directory is obviously empty. You need to restore it from a recent ldif backup using ldapadd.

Apologies to the more qualified posters for the kluge!

Hopefully this will be helpful.


hesmat@future-group.com wrote:

dear all ,

the server which holds my open ldap was suddenly shutdown due to power failure when i bring it back i was not able to connect to ldap server with msg ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server (81)
although when using pstree -p i can see slapd process running
what should i do to fix this error


Hussein Esmat