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For those of you who were familiar with my problem, I'd like to announce that I solved it, and I knew it would be just something small and stupid that I overlooked.
When trying to do bind with my kerberos ticket, I was getting the error "Decrypt integrity check failed" when using Heimdal and "Wrong principal in request" when using MIT Kerberos.  I had forgotten that I had wrongly added the principal ldap/(KDC-FQDN) to my keytab file b/c I noticed that a request was being made for this.  But that key should never be on the LDAP server and at the time, I chose to just overlook that problem.  Upon revisiting this, I found that it was the key to solving the problem: slapd was getting a key for ldap/(KDC-FQDN) because in the slapd.conf file, I had listed the KDC as the sasl-host instead of the LDAP server.
Incorrect sasl-host listed in slapd.conf
The sasl-host value should be the name of the server (usually the FQDN) such that a principal exists in the form "ldap/(sasl-host)@REALM".
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