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Re: Multiple domains searchable

Hi Kevin

Kevin Hildebrand <kevin@hq.ensoport.com> writes:

> I'm using OpenLDAP 2.2.6 with back-bdb.
> If I create the alias as:
> dn: mail=joeuser@foo.com,ou=authdomain,dc=xyz,dc=com
> objectClass: alias
> objectClass: extensibleObject
> mail: joeuser@foo.com
> aliasedObjectName: mail=joeuser@foo.com,ou=members,dc=foo,dc=com
> and then I do:
> ldapsearch -a never -b ou=authdomain,dc=xyz,dc=com mail=joeuser@foo.com
> I get back the expected result, the original (nondereferenced) alias.
> However, if I do
> ldapsearch -a always -b ou=authdomain,dc=xyz,dc=com mail=joeuser@foo.com
> I get back no results.  I would expect to get back the information from
> the dereferenced alias.

Oh,I think I see your problem.
I have several subordinate databases glued together. The aliases are
pointing from one subordinate database to an other subordinate
I think you should create some referrals to glue your databases.


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