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Re: Multiple domains searchable

New tld's go in their own trees just like com's



however all of the pointers are still in the same tree-

authdn: ou=members,dc=site,dc=us

authdn: ou=members,dc=apples,dc=net

Perhaps the 'xyz.com' is confusing - that's just the DN of the "pointer
table" and can be any DN you like - what's important are the DNs of each
of your multiple domains, and that the pointers in the "pointer table"
point to them correctly.  All searches start in the "pointer table" to
find the correct basedn and then the user data is retrieved from THAT

Each of the user trees goes in its own seperate backend database, as I
mentioned previously, and the "pointer table" gets its own as well.


On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Tony Earnshaw wrote:

> man, 29.03.2004 kl. 16.18 skrev Kevin Hildebrand:
> > I am currently doing exactly this- managing multiple domains, with each
> > domain in its own database.
> >
> > Each domain's user information appears in a tree like:
> >
> > ou=members,dc=foo,dc=com
> >
> > ou=members,dc=bar,dc=com
> >
> > etc.  Each of these suffixes is contained in its own seperate backend
> > database.
> What happens when you get a .net tld to manage? Or even worse, a .us?
> I see no reference in your posting to separate databases.
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