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Re: Multiple domains searchable

Kevin Hildebrand <kevin@hq.ensoport.com> writes:

> I am currently doing exactly this- managing multiple domains, with each
> domain in its own database.
> What I REALLY want to be able to do is to make the pointer entries into
> LDAP aliases.  That would tremendously simplify things because as I see
> it, the LDAP server will then dereference the alias for you, and save you
> from having to do two lookups.  However, I haven't been able to get
> OpenLDAP to do this, I've beat my head against it for days and I can't get
> aliases to work.

What version are you running? 
With OpenLDAP-2.2.x you can create aliases.
I have never tested  aliases in large quantities so I don't know to
what extend a huge number of aliases would increase the system load.


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