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Re: IRIX ldapsearch

--On Monday, March 29, 2004 6:07 PM +1000 Paul Stepowski <p.stepowski@qut.edu.au> wrote:

Hi list,

I'm having trouble getting LDAP/PAM working on IRIX 6.5.22.  I do
realise that this list is not meant for such topics but the problem I'm
having seem to be a pretty fundamental LDAP issue.

Here's the debug output of an ldapsearch:

# ldapsearch -v -d 3
For some reason my ldap client is trying to bind to the machine's local
address.  There's no LDAP server running on the local machine which
explains the error 81.

My /var/ns/ldap.conf follows:

OpenLDAP doesn't read /var/ns/ldap.conf, which is probably part of your problem. PAM and OpenLDAP use *different* ldap.conf files.

Try adding a -h <host> to your ldapsearch from the command line to get it to talk to a host, or set up a .ldaprc in your home directory, or see where your version was compiled to look for OpenLDAP's ldap.conf (mine is in /etc/ldap/).


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