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Re: LDAP defined groups not set properly over ssh

lør, 27.03.2004 kl. 09.02 skrev Olivier Eymere:

> So, it simply appears that logging in over ssh only sets the groups that are 
> defined locally in /etc/group and does not set any groups defined elsewhere.  
> It appears that everything is configured properly and the groups do get set 
> properly when methods other than ssh are used to login.  Does anyone have an 
> idea how to change this?

RedHat RHEL3, Openldap 2.2.7.

I have user tonni both in /etc/passwd and in /etc/group. He's also an
ldap user, though his primary LDAP group is different from /etc/passwd
and /etc/group, and in LDAP he's also a member of the group wheel. I've
notced that if I don't have nsswitch set to 'group ldap files' (i.e. if
it's 'group files ldap') he doesn't get wheel privileges, even though
'getent group tonni' shows him as a member of wheel..

That might help you, and it might not :)

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