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Re: LDAP library version number

--On Thursday, March 25, 2004 6:45 PM +0100 "jehan.procaccia" <jehan.procaccia@int-evry.fr> wrote:

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

--On Thursday, March 04, 2004 4:19 PM +0100 "jehan.procaccia"
<jehan.procaccia@int-evry.fr> wrote:

I noticed that openldap 2.2.6 provides : $ rpm -qpli openldap-2.2.6-1.i386.rpm | grep liblber /usr/lib/liblber.so.199 /usr/lib/liblber.so.199.3.4

Library versioning is incorrect in 2.2.6 and prior. Kurt posted yesterday to the devel list that it will be fixed in the 2.2.7 release.


OK so I've just compiled 2.2.7 and got a similar problem :-(
libs are named this way; "liblber-2.2.7.so" and installed RH packages
expect something in this way; "liblber.so.2"
Maybe I can manage in spec and Makefile to get to that point, but is it
up to users to change that or the mainstream distribution should take
care of this naming convention? that just a question don't take it badly

See ITS#3035 -- It is agreed that the 2.2.7 solution doesn't work either, and a new fix has been suggested.


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