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RE: Newbie Help

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> Justin Morris

> Good day,
> I just finished setting up OpenLDAP 2.2.7 using Berkely db
> 4.2 and have it up and running..

> When I use ldapadd, I had no problem adding my starting
> entries but when I
> use LDAPBrowser, I continue to get this error all the time.

> Mar 24 22:04:47 solstice slapd[25029]: conn=11 op=3 ADD
> dn="ou=neworganizationalUnit,dc=freebassx,dc=com"
> Mar 24 22:04:47 solstice slapd[25029]: conn=11 op=3 RESULT
> tag=105 err=64
> text=naming attribute 'ou' is not present in entry
> Mar 24 22:04:52 solstice slapd[25029]: conn=11 op=4 UNBIND

> Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?? Please let me know.

Make sure your entry contains an attribute with the same value as your
entry's RDN.
Since in this example your entry's DN is
"ou=neworganizationalUnit,dc=freebassx,dc=com" then your entry must contain
an attribute
	ou: neworganizationalUnit

This is a requirement of the current LDAPv3 spec; read RFC2251 (section 4.7)
for more information.

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