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Help! using openldap to authenticate solaris clients


I've got openldap running on a Solaris 8 machine (dog), set up to use nsswitch and pam. Authentication against the LDAP directory succeeds if I log in directly to this machine, but when trying to log in to another machine (cat) configured to reference dog's LDAP directory, authentication fails. Observing dog's slapd log shows over a hundred lines being written when logging into dog, but only some 10 or so when trying to log in to cat. Both dog and cat have essentially similar pam.conf, ldap.conf, and nsswitch.conf files. I am using PADL's pam_ldap and nss_ldap modules on both machines.

I've been referencing Carter's LDAP System Adminstration book and the Sun blueprints book but neither deal with this kind of utter failure.

Any advice?

Chuck Theobald Information Technology Consultant The Robert and Beverly Lewis Center for Neuroimaging University of Oregon P: 541-346-0343 F: 541-346-0345