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RE: How to confirm --enable-local

On Wed, 2004-03-24 at 17:43, Howard Chu wrote:
> Since you've established that ldapsearch works from the command line, the
> intelligent thing to do would be to turn up debugging on slapd and look at
> the traffic generated by an ldapsearch request and compare it to that
> generated by Heimdal.

Thanks for the suggestion. I turned it up to 256 and I get absolutely
nothing in the log when trying to initialize the REALM in Heimdal when
it reports 'Can't contact LDAP server'. Of course, with the ldapsearch,
I have plenty of entries in the /var/log/debug.log.

So, this has got to be a Heimdal problem, I have to be missing
something....still waiting for responses on their list. If someone has
this working, please post.