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Re: When/why use slappasswd or any password digests

ons, 24.03.2004 kl. 17.05 skrev Thomas Gagné:

> Are the digests something used strictly for storing the passwords?  Is 
> there any way/reason to use the digests?

This has, unfortunately, nothing to do with Openldap software.
"Unfortunately", because a: it's very important, b: because this forum
includes experts on the storage of passwords in Openldap (of which I am
not one) and c: because security-wise I have my very definite views on

Maybe you do better to ask on the umich LDAP list? "to subscribe, send
email to ldap-request@umich.edu with the word SUBSCRIBE as the SUBJECT
of the message." (It says ...)

BTW: Maybe others contributing to this list could give this address,
rather than the vaguer "<ldap@umich.edu>", which is about as difficult
to subscribe to as ...



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