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strange problem - ldapsearch cannot find exact integer value

hello all,

i've got a strange problem here. i'm in the middle of testing some new
objectclasses required by one of our developers and yesterday i
experienced the following:

[cprobst@test2 cprobst]$ ldapsearch -v -b
"cn=netm,ou=resellers,ou=netmservice,o=netmldap" -LLL -x
'(&(objectClass=netmMOKeyword)(netmLargeAccount=*))' -C
ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
filter: (&(objectClass=netmMOKeyword)(netmLargeAccount=*))
requesting: ALL

objectClass: netmMOKeyword
netmKeyword: TEST
netmCarrierName: D1
netmKeywordDestination: bla
netmKeywordSessionTime: 3600
netmKeywordTS: 20040323120000Z
netmKeywordStatus: wasichwill
netmLargeAccount: 84

so this searchstring is returning me the whole object with all
attributes BUT if i use ldapsearch like below (as far is i understand
the same thing but slightly more detailed (netmLageAccount=84 instead of

[cprobst@test2 cprobst]$ ldapsearch -v -b
"cn=netm,ou=resellers,ou=netmservice,o=netmldap" -LLL -x
'(&(objectClass=netmMOKeyword)(netmLargeAccount=84))' -C
ldap_initialize( <DEFAULT> )
filter: (&(objectClass=netmMOKeyword)(netmLargeAccount=84))
requesting: ALL

it returns nothing! Can someone of you explain me what i'm doing wrong?
normally it should return me the object with all attributes like before,
shoudn't it?! the netmLargeAccount is defined as an integer in the

attributetype ( NAME 'netmInteger'
attributetype ( NAME 'netmLargeAccount' SUP
netmInteger )

exactly like in the RFC:

>6.16. INTEGER
>  Values in this syntax are encoded as the decimal representation of
>  their values, with each decimal digit represented by the its
>  character equivalent. So the number 1321 is represented by the
>  character string "1321".

i tested it with the other (text)attributes and its working fine. is it
possible at all to look for integer values? i need your help! thanx in


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