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TLS with Active Directory

I am trying to access active directory and modify entries with open-ldap, but 
am having no luck. I've looked at the archives, and can see that people have 
done this in the past.

I can connect to the AD on port 389, and I can see the entries correctly, but 
when I try to connect on port 636, I am denied. I need the secure connection 
to get AD to allow me to add users, and change passwords.

My active directory server is a windows 2000 server machine with all the 
latest updates installed. I have installed a certificate authority on the 
server, so it can serve certificates to the domain, but this has drawn a 
blank as well (open ldap won't connect and openssl s_client says the 
certificate is not trusted)

Can anyone point me to a step by step guide to setting up AD correctly or can 
guide me through this?

Thanks for any help,

Matt Smith