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RE: openldap 2.2 on Windows

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> Howdy all.
> I have read the FAQ and seen people talking about building 2.1.x on
> windows using visual C++, But has anyone done it for 2.2.X.  I did
> notice that the main.dsw is not in the build for 2.2.X.  Any
> idea how to do this?

The Visual C++ project files were dropped from 2.2 because they were
hopelessly out of date and no one is maintaining them.

> Is there some issue with the compile for win2k?

OpenLDAP works fine on Win2K, but we only support building with MinGW.

> As well on the 2.1.X can slapd be setup as a windows service
> or is it a dos window app?

slapd and slurpd both will run as Windows services.

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