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Re: Storing files in LDAP

--- "Price, Jason (TLR Corp)"
<Jason.Price@thomson.com> wrote:
> I'm relatively new to LDAP, and am looking for a way
> to store complete files as an attribute in LDAP. 
> The files need to be able to be retrieved as
> complete files, identical to how they were before
> being inserted into LDAP.  I will also need to be
> able to do the insert and retrieval in a script,
> preferably PERL.
> Any suggestions on how to do this?

I do this via java and serialized objects, putting a
byte array into a string and storing that. In java the
object has to implement serializable to be stored. 

This has to do with java.schema . I'm not sure if perl
has a built-in schema. 

I also would like to know what attribute to use, such
as in inetOrgPerson, that would store files. 

I could post code if you'd like. 


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