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Re: DHCP Patch

> Not sure if this is the right place to post, but oh well.
> Trying to compile the DHCP Server, with the patch.

Almost certainly not.

>   I've changed the 
> Makefile.conf run the config, but something isn't right.  Error:
> ldap.o(.text+0x21): In function `ldap_parse_class'
> /root/dhcp-3.0.1rc11/work.linux-2.2/server/ldap.c:60: undefined reference to `ldap_get_values'
> ldap.o(.text+0x47):/root/dhcp-3.0.1rc11/work.linux-2.2/server/ldap.c:64: undefined reference to `ldap_value_free'
> ldap.o(.text+0xc2):/root/dhcp-3.0.1rc11/work.linux-2.2/server/ldap.c:74: undefined reference to `ldap_value_free'
> Anyone else run into this?

No.  But maybe -lldap & -llber haven't been added to the linker command.