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Re: openldap with TLS/SSL ???

--On Tuesday, March 16, 2004 2:55 AM -0800 Lara Adianto <m1r4cle_26@yahoo.com> wrote:


Firstly, I'm a newbie of openssl,openldap,sasl,and
kerberos and I'm not sure whether this question is
supposed to be sent to openssl or openldap forum...
anyway, I sent to both...

What I want to achieve is an openldap server with
GSSAPI mechanism (using MIT Kerberos-1.3.2)and TLS/SSL

Until now, I have managed to include GSSAPI and
Digest-MD5 in my openldap server (2.1.25)...so my next
goal is to include TLS/SSL support.

I have built openssl-0.9.6l and used it in cyrus-sasl
compilation without any problem. But, I failed to
recompile openldap with 'with-tls'.

Mit Kerberos should not be compiled in with an OpenLDAP server. You need to use Heimdal Kerberos for your server build.

Please see:


I also suggest you use OpenSSL 0.9.7b. You can find all my build configuration information at the above site.


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