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Re: libnss-ldap and slapd 2.0.27 dog slow at login time

--On Monday, March 15, 2004 9:10 PM +0100 Andreas Schuldei <andreas@schuldei.org> wrote:

this is a debian system, running stable mostly but with some
testing packages, aparently (libnss-ldap for one).

slapd 2.0.27
libnss-ldap version 207

please look at the bugreport at

and look at the gigantic logfile of one login and -out in the
attachement to the last bug contribution.

what is happening? how can one make this setup behave sanely?
this looks like a DoS.

OpenLDAP version 2.0.27 is no longer supported. I suggest you upgrade to a reasonable version of OpenLDAP (2.1.25 or 2.2.6). Bugs filed against OL 2.0.x are most likely going to be ignored.


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