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Re: memory leak, or 'normal' behaviour?

man, 15.03.2004 kl. 17.23 skrev Quanah Gibson-Mount:

> You might want to read his note closely -- He compiled against MIT 
> Kerberos, which as I've stated at least 500 times already (well, maybe not 
> quite *that* many), is full of memory leaks, and cannot handle threading at 
> all.  His result in relation to the server crashing is exactly what one 
> *should* expect.

"Voor de lol" as they say in Dutch, "just for fun" I'd done 3000+
iterations of a (n admittedly 2.2.6) MD5 ldapwhoami proxy SASL bind
against slapd. No memory leaks, nothing - stable as a rock. So it must
be the KB5 instance that OP is using. That or 2.1.25, which I do not
believe, since many would have already posted about this.



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