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Hello all,

I am trying to test openldap 2.1.25 on solaris 8 with directorymark 1.3.1

Apologies, I know this is an off-topic question, but I did not get any replies from mindcraft and I noticed that other people here on the list seem to have succeeded where I get stuck

I have two directorymark related questions and would be happy about any shared insights or pointers.

1) it seems to be necessary to add a "allow bind_v2" directive to slapd.conf, otherwise directorymark fails with the error message
 "ldap_simple_bind_s::Protocol error
 ldap_simple_bind_s::additional info:historical protocol version requested,use LDAPv3 instead"
Has anyone of you succeeded in running directorymark with LDAPv3 instead? How? Wouldn't tests under older versions of LDAP be kind of pointless?

2) trying to run a test script against my test openldap installation consistently fails with the messages like the following:
"ldap_search_st returned 0x20, time:     3 ms, numentries:  0, args: 863008, , 2, (uid=Ivonne_Bassil), NULL, 0
ldap_search_st: No such object"
although I get results when I search after the given uid using anonymous ldapsearch. has anyone seen this errormessage? what is the remedie?

Again, i would be very grateful for any of your help