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Matching Rules used in Inequality Filters

Hello All,

I am using openldap version 2.1.25
And I defined a numeric string attribute like this:

attributeType ( NAME 'lastLogin'
       ORDERING caseIgnoreOrderingMatch

this attribute exists for thousends of users I have in my Data base
The problem is that I try to find all users that the above attribute is greater than xxx with the following query:

/usr/local/openldap-2.1.25/bin/ldapsearch -x -s sub -D "cn=Directory Manager,o=root" -w xxxx -b "ou=people,o=x.co.il, o=root" -z 20 "(&(objectclass=*)(lastLogin>=10279010355563))" lastLogin

but the comparation is by string and it is not what I ment, I need numeric comparation

so I changed my attribute to numeric string:

attributeType ( NAME 'lastLogin'
       ORDERING numericStringOrderingMatch

but in this case the LDAP server won't start and returns an error:
MatchingRule not found: "numericStringOrderingMatch"
Which it means it doesnt know what is "numericStringOrderingMatch".

Can any body tell me how can I compare an attribute numericlaly
What Matching Rules can I use in Inequality Filters for numeric comparation ?
What attributes type sgould I use for that ?

Thanks in advance,

-- ---------------------------- Ariel Pessah