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Replica Problem - Modify OK but Add new failed

Hello All,

I am trying to replica OpenLDAP but have a trouble,

Master: RedHat precompiled OpenLDAP. version 2.0.27
Slave:  Sun Sparc Solaris 9 precompiled OpenLDAP, version 2.1.8

I followed the OpenLDAP admin guide to configure master/slave server for replication. Then tested it, but I found,

If I add a new entry, I will get error message in /var/log/local4.log of slave server as below,

Mar 14 23:23:18 slave-pc slapd[3842]: [ID 513112 local4.debug] conn=2 op=3 ADD
Mar 14 23:23:18 slave-pc slapd[3842]: [ID 699942 local4.debug] No structuralOb
jectClass for entry (uid=jtest,ou=people,dc=gedco,dc=com)

In the master server's replica log, it only shown "Unknown error"

If I modify some information of an existing entry, it is OK.

Then I test the Add/Modify operation on the slave server directly. The problem is the same. Add failed, modify ok.

So seems like it is not a replication problem, wired. 

I use rootdn to do replication (or locally add/modify).

Anyone can give me some advices?