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Turbo Fredriksson <turbo@bayour.com> writes:

> What is this? Can't find it on openldap.org.
> There is only three attributes that uses this SYNTAX
> (postalAddress, registeredAddress and homePostalAddress)
> and I'm using all three in my database... Thing is, I want
> to support international characters in there, so I'm currently
> UTF-8 encoding the values. But will this be internationaly
> compatible? I.e. is it ok to use UTF-8, and still be compatible
> with other layouts and setups? What's the purpose of this
> syntax?

RFC 2252, 6.27 Postal Address

as the syntax is defined as directory string, it has to be UTF-8
encoded. But note the special delimiters "\" and "$" and the
restriction to max. lines and characters.


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