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Proxy problem

I've been trying to add a cache to the ldap backend, but I can't figure out
why it doesn't work.

--- slapd.conf ---
database ldap
suffix ¨dc=localernest,dc=com¨
uri ¨ldap://ernest.com/dc=localernest,dc=com¨;

overlay proxycache
proxycache bdb 1000 1 500 1000
attrset 0 sn cn title
proxytemplate (sn=) 0 1000
cachesize 100
directory /var/ercache
index objectclass pres,eq
index cn,sn,uid,title pres,eq,sub

The first time an entry is accessed everything is fine, but any other attempt
leads to a successful but empty response. The entries are cached but are not
returned to the querying application. 
In the logfile I see QUERY ANSWERABLE and QUERY CACHEABLE but also something

bdb_index_read: failed (-30990)
bdb_search: no candidates

I get the same even with ldbm.
I am using HEAD openldap and bdb 4.2.52.