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RE: Alternative to slappasswd

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> >>I am looking for an alternative to slappasswd that:

> >slappasswd -s <password>
> >
> >Maybe not stdin ... but easy enough to script.

> I need stdin. Putting the password on the command line is a security
> risk for my application.

If your operating system supports the /dev/fd filesystem you can always use
	echo MySecret | slappasswd -T /dev/fd/0

If not, you can probably use mknod to create a fifo and get the same effect.
	umask 077; mknod MyPipe p;	echo MySecret > MyPipe &
	slappasswd -T MyPipe

Note that when slappasswd reads from a file it preserves everything it reads;
if you write a bunch of text terminated by a newline character, the newline
will be part of the password. So the above examples might be better with
	echo -n MySecret

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