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building on MacOS X?

Anyone tried to build OpenLDAP on MacOS X?

Specifically I'm trying to build 2.1.25, but I think the problem is
elsewhere. Everytime I run make I get one of the following errors...

either (first make after doing ./configure)

	ranlib: warning: cannot infer operation mode from 'liblutil.a'
	ranlib: you must specify a MODE

or (after first call to make)

	libtool: unrecognized option '-arch_only'

I get the same libtool error when trying to build the Cyrus-SASL stuff, so
I'm thinking that it's something with Mac specifically. I'm able to build
all of the stuff (SASL, Berkley DB, OpenLDAP) on RH 9, so I feel like it's
not a stupidity issue on my part.

I renamed the libtool(s) on my system to ensure that it's using the libtool
that ships with OpenLDAP and still no luck.

I followed the specific steps (same as Linux, but with setenv call before
./configure) in the FAQ-o-matic and still no luck.

I've googled for help, but can't find anything that helps me with libtool
issues or OpenLDAP in specific on the Mac.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is driving me insane. :(