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Re: LDAP GUI Client

David Smith wrote:
Michael Ströder wrote:


 From the page:

LDAP Browsers/Editors - standalone LDAP clients
HTTP-to-LDAP gateways - web frontends
Other LDAP Applications

This FAQ answer seems a little awkward. Who can tell what a "HTTP-to-LDAP gateway" is? Sounds like some complex router hardware. I propose the following renaming for this page:

Standalong LDAP clients
Web-based LDAP clients
Other LDAP Applications

Technically, a web front-end *is* an "LDAP Browser/Editor", so the existing page is somewhat misleading. Anyone agree?


> Also, in the web-based section, why is a PHP3 application listed first?
> PHP3 is all but dead at this point, deprecated by PHP4.

This list has no particular order.

Ciao, Michael.