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RE: Could anybody explain the indexing keywords?

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> Hey,
> I'm using openldap for 2 years, but I never found a place,
> where someone
> describes the indexing keywords. Maybe, that's general
> database knowledge, I
> have no other idea why this chapter is such a short one in
> the openldap admin guide.

> May anybody help me, what's the meaning of sub (-initial,
> -any, -final) ,
> pres, eq and the other keywords approx und special ? What are
> "the indices
> specified for default"? What is the default, for what? What
> the hell is
> Is there any source where I can read about that?

The types of indexing are modeled directly on the types of search filters
supported in the LDAP protocol. You could start by reading RFC2251, which
defines the LDAPv3 protocol, although the more authoritative reference would
be X.511, 1993 edition.

Since these types: pres, eq, sub [initial, any, final], approx
are all part of the basic protocol, you can read about them there.

"special" is not an index type; the OpenLDAP documentation lists "<special>"
which just means that this is a place-holder for a variety of other keywords.
Currently you can use "notags", "nolang", or "nosubtypes" as one of the
<special> modifier keywords. Their purpose is already documented in the
relevant slapd manpages.

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