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slurpd slowness and crashes

We are running into an issue where suddenly today we were attempting to do a ldap modify of several attributes for approx 67,000 users. Normally, this is a non-impacting operation although time consuming. Using I'm using perl to do a ldap dip for UID that cats UID to a flat file and then adds an attribute one at a time for each UID, so its not really beating slapd/slurpd too bad. Today, when ever attempting to do any sort of attribute adds or modifies, the slapd would become very slow and shortly after would crash along with slurpd (both running on the same box as master). If slurpd is killed and only slapd is running adds or modifies of attributes runs normally (but of course no replication). Normally, we could do adds or modifies on all users in about 1.5 hours without impacting the system. I havn't gotten ldap to log anything useful, but I'm sure that is due to my not understanding the correct log level for ldap to get usefull information.

I know this isn't much to go on, but if anyone could help, and tell me what specific information would be needed to help me get the issue resolved I will be eager to provide it.

In the mean time, here is version numbers and hardware:

[root@si]# rpm -qa | grep openldap

[root@si]# rpm -qa | grep db4

Compaq DL380 dual Xeon 2Ghz
3.5 GB Ram