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Re: baffled by active directory

Please note that this list is for discussing issues specific
to OpenLDAP Software.  Questions about other software, such
as Active Directory, should be taken elsewhere.  Microsoft
runs a number of different forums related to Active Directory.
See their website(s) for details.


At 07:57 AM 3/9/2004, Bee Dutcher wrote:
>Im not sure exactly what I am looking for here, I do know what I want to get from active directory, but I do not know the information that is needed to get it.
>Right now, I am authing users on our web portal using this command
>$ldapbind = @ldap_bind($ldapconn, 'OEDOMAIN\\' . $_POST['txtUsername'], $_POST['txtPassword'] );
>this works fine. However I seem to get baffled if I want to retrieve their firstname and lastname from active directory using ldap commands....i read a lot about cu,cn,ds,dc, and all these acronyms but im not sure WHERE to get that info, or what to tell our administrator as to what I need or how much of it I need.
>Can anyone point me to the "light"
>Beriah Dutcher
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