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Re: Can I read the schema using LDAP?

David Smith wrote:

<quote who="Thomas Gagné">

Out of curiosity, will that command work with other non-OpenLDAP

No. According to some RFC (don't recall which, too lazy to search), each entery in an LDAP directory must specify an attribute named subschemaSubEntry. This attribute's value is the DN where the schema is housed. In the case of default OpenLDAP installs, each entry in the directory has a subschemaSubEntry with a value of "cn=subschema". In Novell eDirectory, this value is generally "cn=schema". To make your application nice and generic, it should read the subschemaSubEntry for the DN of interest, and search for the schema there. Note that if you don't have a DN to search from, you can just use the RootDSE entry by specifying an empty DN ("") and searching with a scope of "base". RootDSE behavior is also described in some RFC (again, too lazy, yadda yadda).

Does that mean

   ldapsearch -b "" -s base "cn=subschemasubentry"

should return

       dn: cn=subschema


I get

   tgagne:/home/tgagne ldapsearch -b "" -s base "cn=subschemasubentry"
   # extended LDIF
   # LDAPv3
   # base <> with scope base
   # filter: cn=subschemasubentry
   # requesting: ALL

   # search result
   search: 2
   result: 0 Success

   # numResponses: 1

The phpLDAPadmin code below (in the URL) supports a mountain of different LDAP servers soley with this method, and even works with "broken" servers by searching some of the common schema locations. See the function called _get_raw_schema() toward the bottom. There are lots of comments to guide you along.

Good luck!


David Smith wrote: