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Re: problem with access control

Mike O'Rourke wrote:
 > What version of OpenLDAP are you using?


What is above this rule in slapd.conf? The _first_ rule that matches a
query makes the decision for access.

so here it is. I was wondering about it.

Also, in this entry, uid=bott,ou=Users,dc=campana,dc=vi,dc=it will
never be able to write; he will have only read access because the "read"
 restriction line will satisfy slapd for access. The second line will
never be applied. "write" implies "read" also. Please read slapd.conf
(5), slapd.access (5) and the OpenLDAP administrators guide (again).

You might also (and more appropriately) try the umich general ldap list
for these kinds of general ldap questions.

ok, I'll do it with next questions. I just though this was the right mailing list.

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