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Openldap/Heimdal/Samba3 Problem

I am running a Solaris 9 server where I have compiled my own Openldap
2.2.6, Heimdal 0.6 and are trying to do samba 3 now (I can get samba
working --without-ads which does not requires kerberos support; If I
tried --with-krb5=/opt/local which is wher I installed heimdal then make

Since Openldap needs Heimdal 0.6 to operate correctly with multiple
threads, I can not switch to mit-kerberos.  The problem I have is with
samba 3.  Since SUN includes some header files for gssapi
(/usr/include) which differ from the ones in heimdal (located in
/opt/local/include), when I try to compile samba --with-krb5 support I
get a lot of conflicts about definitions inside the header files and make
fails.  It so happens that the header files installed that come from the
package SUNWhea are exactly the same as the ones in mit-kerberos so if you
use mit-kerberos there are no problems.

I know this message may not belong in this list (I have already e-mailed
the samba list without much luck), but maybe someone else has this setup

Solaris 9+SUNWhea package installed+Openldap 2.2.6+Heimdal 0.6+Samba 3
compiled with ads support.

If so, did you noticed this same problem?

Does anybody also knows a trick (options) to pass to gcc so that it does
not look in /usr/include for header files?

I tried CPPFLAGS=/opt/local/include and that did not help.