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Re: Newbie conceptual issues (long)

fre, 05.03.2004 kl. 00.35 skrev Kevin:

> I'm a newbie to LDAP and OpenLDAP, but I've read the 
> faq, searched (and browsed) the archives, searched 
> Google, etc, so please don't flame me.


No flames, of course. You've done your homework, have chosen an o.k.
software base - for the time being - and are more than half the way
there. But if you want to understand how schemas, objectclasses and
attributes work, what's structural etc, the do yourself a favor. Grab
the GQ 1.0.b1 source code - jump from www.biot.com and compile and use
GQ. You'll need X and gtk2, Gnome 2.2 or better - but I guess that SuSE
9 has that (I'm a RedHat person).

Compile with drag'n drop (./configure --help), and GQ will tell/show you
90% of what you asked, including objectclasses and attributes.

Try that (use the drag'n drop function liberally for your data tree),
then come back with a much shorter list of questions!



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